Crignellavelle's Towel

A bright orange bath-towel.


- Resistant to normal weapons: 1 point

(NOTE: “Towel,” in this case, should always be spelled with a capital “T” to distinguish it from other, lesser towels.)


Crignellavelle has carried this Towel with her non-stop since she first heard of Ford Prefect. She has slept with it, cried on it, used it to shield her eyes from the harsh Betelgeusean sun on her commute home, and used it in thousands of other miscellaneous ways over the years. It is her most prized possession. Nella has endowed this Towel with a small portion of her power as a result, although she’s not aware of this fact.

The Towel has, in fact, saved Nella’s life (or at least protected her from serious injury) on a few occasions when something bounced off of it that would otherwise have caused life-threatening damage to her.

Crignellavelle's Towel

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