Random's son from Morganthe, betrayed by Brand to damage the Pattern


[Random + Morganthe]
(Brown & Yellow)

As the family mulled over Random’s last comment, an uncommon hush fell over the library. In this newborn silence, a low humming and intermittent click slowly became perceptible. Eyes gradually drifted towards Martin, who was slumped across a Lazy-Boy hidden away in a dark corner. A pale green glow came from his left eye-socket which appeared to be fitted with some prosthetic – the apparent source of the odd noise. He reached up with a handkerchief and self-consciously dabbed away the sweat pooling on his yellowed brow and threatening to drip down the lens of his “eye”. He did not look well.
“Son – are you ok?” asked Random.
Martin scanned the room, suddenly – and uncomfortably – aware that he was now the unwanted center of attention. “Um, dad… I, uh. Can you hurry it up, already? I really gotta bounce.” He took a long swallow from a glass of wine. “This cybergear isn’t holding up too well and it’s taking, uh, a lot of effort to just sit here.”
Fiona smirked at that and leaned over to Bleys. “If gunpowder and electricity don’t work, why’d he think nanobots would? His blood is probably little more than sludge right now”, she whispered. He snorted at her comment, but quickly replaced his look of amusement with the visage of a concerned uncle, worried about his dear nephew. Probably no one noticed.


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