Crignellavelle (Nella) Brozbanger

Dark, curly hair; kind of "swarthy." 4 arms (the current fashion on Betelgeuse V). Only one head. "Pleasantly plump" and reasonably well-endowed.


Her Trump is the Three of Wands, signifying “Looking forward to a journey.”


Crignellavelle (“Nella”) Brozbanger was born on Betelgeuse V around 150 years ago.

She is a talented robot repairperson and consumate partier – one of the few people in the Galaxy to drink a Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster and not only live to tell about it, but still make it in to work the next morning.

She has 4 arms, which come in very handy both in her personal and professional life, but sadly, only one head. She used to be ashamed of this fact, and was often mocked during school for her lack of a normal second head, but then she met Ford Prefect. She quickly grew to idolize him; not just for the aplomb with which he carries off having not just one head, but also only two arms, but also because he is a totally hoopy frood. Although she is not a hitchhiker, never having travelled off of Betelgeuse V (except for rare trips related to her robot-repair jobs), she has taken to carrying around a very large, orange bath-towel at all times, “just in case.”

Meeting Ford when she was briefly invited onto the Heart of Gold to try and repair Marvin (he’d been complaining about a “pain in the diodes on his left side,” and Eddie contacted her company on his behalf), was one of the most exciting experiences of her life. She got Ford to sign her towel; it was all very exciting. Sadly, she was unable to completely repair Marvin – for some reason, he seemed resistant to the changes she tried to introduce to his programming.

Nella is reasonably happy with her life on Betelgeuse, but has always longed to travel. Something just seemed missing and she’s never been sure just what it is.

Betelgeuse is a reasonably Earth-like planet with slightly more bars per city than in most cities on Earth.

Crignellavelle is from Beeblevrox, capital of the Betelgeusean government. It was renamed in Zaphod Beeblebrox’s honor (and on his presidential command) when he became Galactic President, (it was his hometown, as well as Ford Prefect’s).

Beeblevrox has even more bars than the average Betelgeusean city – think Amsterdam if there were more bars and they served harder drinks and had more good drugs.

At one point, around 20 years ago, one of the Hitchhikers’ Guide head offices had been located in Beeblevrox (Ford started there as a lowly intern), but the offices were closed over a decade previously. The city was in bad shape until the extravagant building was bought by a Sirius Cybernetics branch office. Nella works there part-time, and freelances the rest of the time.

Nella lives in a small apartment in a fairly low-rent industrial part of the city. She likes it there because it allows her to also rent a garage-sized warehouse space which she has filled with used robots and various electronic parts and pieces (some of which Sirius Cybernetics might not be thrilled to see her taking home). Her favorite thing to do when she’s not at work or the bar is to tinker in her warehouse. She’s trying to perfect some of the less-popular Genuine People Personalities. Again, the higher-ups at Sirius Cybernetics are NOT aware of this, and wouldn’t be happy to find out about it.

Crignellavelle (Nella) Brozbanger

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